The development and validation of an emotional processing scale

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Dorset HealthCare Poole Hospital Bournemouth University

Dorset Research & Development Support Unit, Poole Hospital NHS FoundationTrust
Dorset HealthCare NHS Foundation Trust, Bournemouth University


This study was led by Professor Baker in collaboration with Dr Sarah Thomas, Mr Matthew Owens, Ms Jane Holloway, Ms Lara Tosunlar and Professor Peter Thomas.  It concerns the initial development of the Emotional Processing Scale through all the pilot stages.  It has been tested for internal consistency, concurrent and construct validity and test-retest reliability.  It has been validated against similar scales such as the Hospital Anxiety & Depression Scale and the Brief Symptom Inventory, the Toronto Alexithymia Scale and the Courtauld Emotional Control Scale. Measuring emotional processing

Baker, R. Thomas, S., Thomas, P., Owens, M. (2003) Development of a new emotional processing scale.  Presented at the International Conference on the (Non) Expression of Emotions in Health & Disease.  19-21 October 2003, Tilburg University, Netherlands.

Baker, R., Thomas, P., Thomas, S., Holloway, J., Horn, S. & Lothian, S. (2002) Development of a new emotional processing scale (EPS) for use in physical and psychological health.  Paper presented at the International Society for Research on Emotions Annual Conference, Spain.

Baker, R., Thomas, S., Thomas, P.W., & Owens, M. (2007). Development of an Emotional Processing Scale. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 62, 167-178