What are the three elements of the EPS?

emotional processing scale manual

The EPS publication contains the:

  • Emotional Processing Scale (EPS) 25-item questionnaire, with score sheet and profile chart ( a pack of 25 booklets)
  • a detailed Administrators Manual and
  • a separate Norms booklet, which provides comparison statistics from a range of populations against which to compare the scores of an individual. The norms are based on extensive data collected from over 7000 individuals.


The Emotional Processing Scale (EPS)How it is rated

The person completing the EPS evaluates their emotional reactions over the past week

EPS questionaire



EPS scorin sheet How it is scored

The attached easy-to-use scoring sheet simplifies subscale and total emotional processing scoring.




emotional processing profile chart

The accompanying profile chart can then be used to plot the scores in comparison to the percentile scores for the healthy adult UK population.






The Administrators Manual

emotional processing scale manual 2

The Norms Booklet

emotional processing norms booklet

The Emotional Processing Scale Questionnaire Booklet

emotional processing questionnaire booklet


emotional processing questionnaire booklet 2