Emotional processing and chronic fatigue syndrome

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fatigue by rodin

Poole Hospital NHS Trust, South & East Dorset Primary Care Trust,
Dorset Research & Development Support Unit.

Rodin’s La Fatigue

A number of studies have been conducted at the Chronic Fatigue Clinic, Wareham Hospital, Dorset by Ms Clare McDermott and Dr Selwyn Richards, Consultant Rheumatologist , and with patients too disabled to attend a clinic by Dr Margaret McDermott.

The aims of the study are:

1.To understand what chronic fatigue sufferers think about emotional processing in relation to their disorder.

2.To determine the emotional processing profile of chronic fatigue sufferers using the emotional processing scale.

3. To compare sufferers attending the chronic fatigue clinic to those too disabled to attend and healthy individuals on emotional processing scores.

So far, 39 patients attending the chronic fatigue clinic and 18 patients too disabled to attend have been assessed.