Italian validation of the emotional processing scale

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university bologna
Italian validation of the
emotional processing scale

University of Bologna, Italy
Faculty of Psychology, Cesena
Research Project 2004-2005
Italian Validation of the Emotional Processing Scale (EPS)

Co-ordinator:  Paola Gremigni, PhD, Professor of Theory & Practice of Psychological Testing
Collaborator:  Mariaelisa Santonastaso, Clinical Psychology student


The EPS has been developed to assess emotional processing and its deficits.  It has been designed for the general population as well as at patients with both physical and psychological disorders.  It could be used in both research and clinical settings.  This study is aimed at validating the Italian version of the Emotional Processing Scale (EPS), and verifying its main psychometric properties, such as validity and reliability.


The EPS has been translated into Italian by two Italian psychologists independently and controlled using the back version process by a teacher of English.  The validation study will involve at least 450 subjects, including healthy adults and students older than 18 years, patients with physical illness, such as cardiovascular disease, and patients with mental illness.

Construct validity of the EPS will be tested using item analysis and factorial analysis.  Criterion validity will be tested as follows:  discriminative analysis will be run using different samples of subjects, while concurrent validity will be verified using other questionnaires assessing similar and/or dissimilar constructs.  Alexithymia, anger, anxiety, depression and social desirability will be assessed together with completion of the EPS.  Reliability will be testing using internal consistency and test-retest after one month with a sub-group of subjects.

For further information, please contact the co-ordinator: email

Collaboration from Italian researchers to the validation process of the EPS is warmly encouraged.